Plywood Film Face Ply Form Ply


Revesby, Australia
Plywood Film Face Ply Form Ply 1800 x 1200 x 17 F17 Sheet. FORMPLY is a high quality plywood produced predominantly from graded pine radiata veneers. These are glued with phenol formaldehyde resin and overlaid with a hard durable resin impregnated with paper to give concrete a smooth finish. With a durable A-Type Marine bond, FORMPLY can withstand the rigours of construction moisture. Its hard phenolic surface and high quality outer veneers make it durable and reusable.

FORMPLY has a cross-laminated construction and is less likely to expand or contract when exposed to rain and temperature changes, making it easier to lay forms for large decks
Can be used on steel or timber form frame systems
Lighter in weight than hardwood alternatives
Suits a range of frame spacings, concrete slab thicknesses and surface tolerance
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