How Seeking Works

Seeking in Blacktown Markets allows buyers to express their need for a specific item and allows the marketplace to work on sourcing the item for them.

Create a unique title

Create a unique title that describes a specific item you want to buy.

Create a flexible title

Create a flexible title if you are open to offers or do not know exactly what you are looking for.

Add a description

Add a description that includes your budget. The budget is simply a price range to let sellers know what you are willing to pay.

Receive offers

Once your ad is live on Blacktown Markets Online, sellers can add photos of the item they have for sale...

Accepting an offer

Your payment will be held securely by us. Once you have received your item, please click the ‘mark as delivered’ button and your payment will be released to the seller.

It is free to advertise.

Sign up now and try a new way of buying and selling.

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